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Kadey's Journal

8th May, 2007. 7:16 pm.

just a quick update havent been on here for ages

well been in adelaide working at Cavpower as a receptionist for the past few weeks; for those who dont already know mon-fri 8-4. gawler on weekends, also been doing some casual shifts at big w mostly nightfill jsut every so often when i have time.

saturday night i will be doing my first shift at the Woolshed so wish me luck :)

been catching up with lots of people has been really good

talk to yas soon xxx

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13th November, 2006. 6:07 pm.

I have a boyfriend. His name is Scotty, hes gorgeous and sweet and omg soo amazing.

Current mood: bouncy.

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8th November, 2006. 11:28 pm.

Night Train Saturday!!

(",) - love this little guy

Christmas dinner wOot

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8th November, 2006. 10:28 pm.

weekend was good

friday night - went to the midway with Milina, Harvey and co. sometimes i forget just how hot Harveys friends are i really need to get numbers next time i see them.. me and harv were having a drinking comp that was cool then there was a fight so me and mili left and came back to gawler to dance at the exchange. adam came down with us until we decided to call it a night ;)

saturday - headed into adelaide to give Issy her pressent seeing as i missed out on seeing her on her bday as i had to work, brought booze then met the girls and Milina's house to go to Eve's.


even though she lives all the way out in mallala her partys rule us girls always manage to have fun and drink gossip etc thankfully kane wasnt invited this time so i didnt have to deal with him.

caught up with kelly again whcih was great, see her at work quite a lot now seeing as she works here now its cool.

twas a good weekend stayed up all night then crashed sunday arvo.

Current mood: chipper.

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6th November, 2006. 8:12 pm.

im in shock

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24th September, 2006. 7:50 pm.

today went to the movies with Amy saw Stormbreaker wicked movie and they stuck pretty damn close to the book i think it mightv even been exact!

went shopping after and brought a new makeup case with some makeup inside and a mini tamagotchi coz it was adorable. then we had lunch saw my uncle kev, aunt mandy and lucy . then had a call from tony telling me that he vaccumed up my phone charger so i had to make a pit stop at a phone shop to buy a new one

anyhoos thats all for the moment am just replying to gem and julia's messages now

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13th September, 2006. 11:15 pm.

this is directed at amy & bec

hey chickys, im gonna message you tomoro - thursday before work so either way you will se this ^_^ ollie invited me to his bonny/bday party which im gonna try and come to depending brendan wants me to go beach with them so not sure. 2 questions have you gotten his present yet? if not can i got partsies in it and give money or if you have do you have any idea on what to get him coz im having some trouble atm. and secondly if its ok with you can i go with you guys please i dont want to go by myself? ill talk to you guys later <3

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12th July, 2006. 9:57 pm.

went to see Pirates of the Carribian 2 its so majorly wicked having to go see it again with other friends but i think its so worth seeing again. also saw stick it and that ballroom dancing movie totally forgotten its name they are cool now just waiting for the soundtrack to come out.

saw absolutely everyone at work today saw my best friend from primary school and her brother plus another chick i used to know then brendan came into work to bug me. saw mrs lambert while talking to brendan so stopped for a chat then tom came over to join in the KHS chat soon joined by Eryn. once all that died down ran into stacey and mark and her bf then Kimberly and family.

Just got told today that iv been accepted to do the new cosmetics position starting in 2 weeks which means thanks to my new hours i will no longer be working throughout the weekend.

had to go shopping after work to celebrate brought 2 scarves, 2 new tops <3 and a new dvd for my collection.

Amy: so cant wait for ur bday chicky

havent figured out wats happening for mine yet but i figue i still got time

Current mood: bouncy.

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17th June, 2006. 5:42 pm.

RIP Gizmo

my gorgeous little kitten

died Friday 16th June


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8th March, 2006. 2:19 pm.

Big Day Out CD Rules ass! XD

ok now that iv got that out of my system.....

i have to remember to get my CDs, Playstation Games and $100 from Daniel no more avoiding it i must get them back asap.

secondly the fact that tafe doesnt have msn sucks but thats probbaly i very good thing means i cant get as distracted from my work

thirdly went drinking last night at Nathan's. Aaron and ... lost his name ..Gnarly Dude i shall call him for now, were there so it was this big drinking thing. was pretty good better then staying home by myself thats for sure. we drank until like 430am then ran out of booze so we decided to get some sleep i slept in Nathans water bed. i now have a newfound love of waterbeds they are so damn comfy!

working tonight $$$ yays!!!!

i put a 12 peice quilt cover set on layby at work on saturday its hot as and i decided its about time i get a good set specially now that i have stolen mums beautifull new queen bed since her new bedhead only fits a double MWAHAHAHAHAHA i love it so much

that and the new wardrobe and sexy huge dressing table with a mirror as big as me my room rules ass at the moment

OMG best moment of last night seeing 3 guys in the kitchen cooking a proper meal with special spices and everything talking about how they need to lose weight!

thats all for the moment have fun all

love kadey

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